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How Gatsby's Drupal source plugin handles file entity relationships for multilingual sites

Drupal has had core support for translation since Drupal 8. But some entity types are not translatable due to their nature. Files are a good example of this...

David Disch

David Disch

3 min read

Migrating a large Drupal 7 site to headless Drupal 8 and Gatsby

In late 2020 we set out to migrate a large, traditional Drupal 7 site to a Gatsby front-end fed by a Drupal 8 back-end. Here's a few of the key things we learned along the way...

David Disch

David Disch

11 min read

Moving Surfing Nosara from Drupal 7 to Gatsby is Nosara’s leading surf, real estate and vacation rental portal. The client approached Desarol to improve and add features to We scheduled a workshop where we addressed the client’s most pressing issues and offered some suggestions of our own...

Robert Caracaus

Robert Caracaus

5 min read

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