Today online shopping is the day-to-day to every business that wants to sell a product to a customer. For eCommerce have a fast page, secure and good indexing with SEO is crucial if you want to stand out from another website. With jamstack you can archive all of that and more and in Desarol we have a lot of experience dealing with Jamstack and eCommerce applications and we can answer.

How Jamstack works in eCommerce?

  • In the case of any changes, these are pushed to a Source Code Management (SCM). As for the hosting, you can use either static-site providers or services like Firebase or Netlify to apply the changes immediately after any change.
  • To publish content updates for example for the blog and or products of your page, you need to use a CDN and a headless CM.
  • The websites are statically generated, but they can contain dynamic elements for example login or the favorite products of each client.

Why you should use Jamstack for your eCommerce site?

The first way to highlight from another eCommerce is gaining visibility with your brand and the kind of product you want to sell. We are strong advisors of Jamtack tech if you wanna achieve these let's talk about the benefits of jamstack focus on eCommerce.

Jamstack sites are very fast

Jamstack offers a simple setup because the static files are hosted on CDNs this is crucial for eCommerce sites. The speed and performance of your page not only help your SEO but also your user experience. That will be reflected in your earnings, faster website = better earnings.

Jamstack sites are more secure

Jamstack websites don't rely on databases like solutions like WordPress. Dropping the necessity of a server that you have to personally maintain is a benefit, you don’t really need to worry as much about locking down ways for people to intrude.

Jamstack sites are cheaper 

Jamstack sites are going to run cheaper than their server-side counterparts. As explained development, maintenance, and hosting costs are way less than with traditional builds. Hosting static assets is cheap and now your page is being served at the same rate. The lesser complexity of development reduces costs.

Jamstack sites are easier to  maintain and scale

The hard work is done during the build, so now the generated site is stable and can be hosted without servers which might require patching and other complex tasks.

Jamstack sites are SEO friendly

Jamstack for eCommerce is crucial because eCommerce stores are very much in need of organic traffic. As the Jamstack websites are fast and static, it helps in obtaining a better ranking in Google. This is because Google prefers static sites as they are faster, lighter, and easily scannable. 

March and ash

March and ash is the biggest eCommerce project we have and we apply a lot of the jamstack concepts inside this project. Here is a list of technologies we use inside that project:

  • Algolia: We use algolia to filter the different products of March and ash and to search specific products on the page this helps the user to find what he is searching for with a great experience and high speed.
  • Contentful: We use contentful as our headless CMS for the blog and our products. It has a lot of integrations to Netlify and Github to make our work connect our different services together.
  • Netlify:  This is our selected choice for managing the hosting and the CI/CD. We don't have to worry about having a complete set of knowledge of DevOps and Netlify helps us to focus on the more important stuff.
  • Gatsby:  is a modern website framework that can be used to generate static sites by using its unique front-end web building experience. Using React, Gatsby turns static data sources into dynamic websites that function as single-page apps.


march and ash home page


If there’s one thing you can be sure the future is of eCommerce is Jamstack. And the sooner you jump on the bandwagon the quicker you will start reaping the benefits and here in Desarol we are open to helping you with any of your questions and the process of creating your own page you can send you your doubts or questions here.